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Why Choose ConnectHR?

When you own or run a business, you barely have time to get your work done, let alone worry about hiring and On-boarding new employees, maintaining employee records, ensuring compliance with ever more complex regulations, managing performance, training and developing your staff, administering benefits and other employment programs, and ensuring everything is taken care of when employees leave the company.

Rather than tackling these processes yourself, save time and make sure it’s done right by utilizing a team of certified HR experts. ConnectHR brings proven, systematic approaches to managing HR processes throughout the employment cycle to ensure things get done right so your employees can focus on what matters most: running your business.

ConnectHR is a human resources firm based out of Alaska and Washington State that provides services to local businesses. ConnectHR believes employers of all sizes should benefit from the same quality HR services as bigger companies. We provide a team of certified HR experts without the cost of hiring additional staff members.

“ConnectHR’s professionals worked closely with Great Bear to establish a new and innovative approach to human resource management which facilitated a tripling of our work force in 6 months. Without ConnectHR’s assistance we would not have been able to seamlessly integrate our new team members into the organization as quickly and as effectively as we did.
On an ongoing basis, ConnectHR provides valued onsite support in a professional, friendly and reliable manner. It’s fair to say we consider them to be an integral part of our team. ” – Ryan Moynagh, CFO at Great Bear Petroleum


  • Recruiting and Hiring

  • Onboarding and Offboarding

  • Tranining and Development

  • Employee Handbooks and Compliance

  • Human Resources Systems & Processes

  • Compensation and Benefits

Recruiting and Hiring

Recruiting and hiring is a lot like fishing. It takes preparation and strategy. You need to be in the right place at the right time and know what you’re fishing for. If your line’s not in the water with the right lure, you will catch nothing. Once you have a bite, you need to set the hook and keep the candidate on the line. There’s urgency – if you get distracted and let the line go slack, there goes the candidate. Get the candidate in the net with the right offer and remember you’re not done until they’re in the boat (aka hired) on that first day of work.

Like fishing, recruiting and hiring is an active process. Fish rarely jump in your boat because it’s in the water, and you’re unlikely to get the best candidates by just posting a job and hoping for the best.

Also like fishing, recruiting and hiring is both an art and a science. When our experienced recruiters recruit for you, we make use of the most advanced and proven recruiting techniques and tools, yet we never forget that we’re dealing with people. Once we’ve found a pool of strong candidates for your position through both active (go find them) and passive (post the job) recruiting techniques, we identify the best qualified, and then apply sophisticated candidate assessment tools to measure proper fit against an ideal employee for the job. We develop an effective interviewing process, and shepherd both your stakeholders and the candidates through it with a high level of service and professionalism. Before you finalize your hire, we’ll conduct reference checks and, as needed, background checks to protect the integrity of your organization. The entire process is documented and geared for compliance in the event your hiring practices are ever questioned.

Onboarding and Offboarding

On-boarding is the process of bringing a new employee into your company. It’s a tremendously important period – all parties are forming first impressions that will shape the future relationship, and both you and the new employee are anxious to get to work. There are also a lot of compliance-related tasks to take care of, both with external rules and your own policies.

In short, On-boarding involves orienting new employees into your culture, providing them with the tools they need to do their jobs, and informing them of your benefits, policies, processes, and anything else they need to know to perform at their best. Research shows that effective On-boarding can increase job performance, satisfaction, and commitment to your company. The lack of good On-boarding can contribute to longer ramp-up times, administrative hassles, compliance shortfalls, diminished performance, and a first impression of your company that falls short of what you want. Many employers underestimate just how complex it can be to get everything right during the On-boarding process. ConnectHR uses its checklist-driven processes to ensure nothing gets missed, that those first impressions are the right ones, and new employees get off to a fast start.

Off-boarding is also an important process, and one that is often overlooked. It’s essentially On-boarding in reverse. Collecting company equipment, removing access to company systems, ensuring benefits are handled correctly, and that employment records are updated. During the off-boarding process, an employer also has the opportunity to create positive “brand ambassadors.” Alumni employees will either speak positively or negatively about their time with a company: the way people are treated when they leave says a lot about an organization.

Tranining and Development

Training Curriculums

Chances are, none of the employees you hire to work for your organization will have all the skills and knowledge you or they ideally want to have. As time goes on and your business needs, technology, industry and your employees’ disciplines evolve, it’s a certainty you’ll want to ensure employees are receiving the right training to remain experts in their field and at their job.

A close cousin to training is professional development. Training is about the expertise and skills employees need now, whereas development is about what they’ll need to achieve longer term career objectives, which often tie closely to your goals for succession planning.

ConnectHR designs training curriculums to meet both immediate training and longer-term development goals. We can design and develop these training curriculums to be completed online or in-person. Our team will monitor the progress of your employees with the training curriculums so that we can correct any issues or answer questions that pop up, as well as keep records of training in your HR system.

Performance Management

Traditional approaches to performance management simply don’t work for many companies. Supervisors and employee alike often dread the process, assessments are usually distorted, and well-intentioned but misguided attempts to achieve “pay for performance” can do more harm than good.

We stay abreast of developments in performance management to understand what works, and work with you to apply it to your organization. Using systems to automate the process and showing employees and supervisors the benefits of performance management done right can transform it from a chore into an essential component in your organization’s performance-oriented culture.

Employee Handbooks and Compliance

Employee handbooks are a must for any employer, regardless of size. Imagine playing football or baseball without chalk lines or rules. Think of an employee handbook as the chalk lines and rules you want employees to follow while they’re doing business for your company.

Handbooks define your policies and benefits, set standards, and provide guidance. How much PTO do employees receive? Who’s eligible? How do they request it? What’s the policy on hiring relatives? How should disputes be resolved? The handbook is a reference tool that provides guidance for a wide range of employment issues, and should be dog-eared by both employees and supervisors.

When it comes to complying with the increasingly complex and regulated landscape in which employers operate, handbooks are absolutely essential. A good handbook demonstrates your intent to comply with the myriad of laws and regulations out there, instructs supervisors and employees explicitly on how to do so, and provides a reference for enforcement.

The employee handbook also is a dynamic document that needs to be reviewed and updated regularly to remain relevant. Moreover, the policies must be enforced fairly and consistently for the handbook to be an effective tool.

It rarely makes sense for a business to try to put together a handbook from scratch. ConnectHR will start with a modern template that’s configured to comply with the laws applicable to your size, industry, and locations. Our experts will work with you to tailor the handbook to fit your culture, organizational structure, and other unique attributes.

ConnectHR offers peace of mind on the compliance front with rigorous internal compliance assessments to ensure you’re squared away with I-9s, postings, benefits documentation, federal and state reporting, wage and hour practices, along with everything else that’s expected of an employer. Federal regulators are increasingly well-funded and aggressive, and have begun turning their attention to new areas and all sizes of employers. Investigations can result in lost time, fines, or worse. Chinks in your compliance armor also can leave openings for disgruntled current and former employees.

Human Resources Systems & Processes

In today’s technology-driven world, a good HR system is a must, even for a smaller employer. Candidates and employees expect to use technology to access information and conduct transactions from applying for a job, to changing an address, to enrolling in benefits. You need an HR system that can maintain employee records, help you automate employment processes, give you information about your workforce that you need to manage, and to “hardwire” compliance, all from wherever you and your employees are working. Finding an HR system that works for you can be difficult. RFPs are time consuming, and can fail to identify the best system to match your needs. At ConnectHR, we’ve vetted and used many of the systems out there, and have developed a short list of proven systems that we recommend to clients based on their size, industry, budget, and functionality requirements.

Automation Advantages

A company should never ignore the value of a real person to deal with certain issues, but let’s be frank: systems can handle many complicated, rules-based processes more accurately, consistently, and cost-effectively than people. A good HR system is an almost essential tool for ensuring good recruitment, on-boarding, benefits administration, and recordkeeping, and can feed information or integrate with payroll, recordkeeping, and other applications your company may use. Systems also can be a big help with performance management, training, and other employment functions. Employees appreciate the ease, accessibility, and reliability of a good system, and employers appreciate that they can spend less time and money on administration and focus more on doing business.

Implementing Systems

Unlike a traditional consultant, we can stick around to maintain your system for you after implementation. Our HR professionals can help you keep employee records current, make adjustments to system configuration, and troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

Keeping it Running

Unlike a traditional consultant, we can stick around to maintain your system for you after implementation. Our HR professionals can help you keep employee records current, make adjustments to system configuration, and troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

Project Management

HR is a lot more complex and technical than many businesses realize. HR isn’t one function, it’s many – employment strategy, recruiting, compensation & benefits, systems, administration, employee relations, training & development, performance management – and usually plenty of activity among them with “day-to-day” work, as well as the several projects likely to be underway.

This is where ConnectHR comes in. We’re big believers in project and task management. It’s how we meet our commitments, and avoid lettings tasks get dropped or fall between the cracks. We use an easy-to-use, cloud-based project management system for keeping track of our projects and deliverables, and offer access to our clients who want to be able to check in on status themselves. Because all of the information is clearly organized in the cloud, details and updates on projects can be done from anywhere.

Compensation and Benefits

Compensation and benefits can be two of the more challenging disciplines within HR. Even companies with HR staff can benefit from outside expertise. Determining the right level of pay and benefits to provide can require a high level of knowledge, technical expertise, and access to complex and often expensive tools for benchmarking against your competitors. If your goal is to offer competitive pay and benefits, then someone needs to identity what’s competitive.

We have experts who have access to the necessary tools and specialize in developing market-based compensation structures that also reflect your company’s unique organizational structure and internal equity values. A good compensation structure orients you to market, serving as an invaluable tool for setting appropriate pay at hire, and keeping pay fair and competitive throughout your employees’ careers with you.

Additionally, we delve deep into your company’s identity to help you determine the right benefits to offer, and working with you and your benefits advisors to bring them to life. We’ll become your company’s go-to source for answering questions and troubleshooting any issues that might arise with providers. Additionally, our administrative process aids in streamlining enrollment, payroll and carrier records. Your company might not be ours, but you’d never know it because we’ll treat your employees like our own.

As a member, ConnectHR has access to industry-leading analytical tools, reference and research materials,and market surveys, and can draw upon the expertise and experience of hundreds of HR and benefits professionals throughout UBA’s network.